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Your domain name is not only your brand identity, it is the way your customers find and remember you. An Exact Match Domain (EMD) name is more powerful than a standard domain name. An EMD is the ultimate Premium domain name. A carefully chosen EMD distinguishes you as the authoritative brand in your industry. It also helps you to rank very highly in Google search, generally in the top three of an organic search. This guarantees more customers find and trust your business or product. Isn’t that how you feel yourself when you see a business at the top of an organic Google search?

We have an extensive collection of thousands of exclusive Premium and Exact Match Domain names and the most knowledgeable brokers in the industry. We live by our reputation, strive for quality, excellence and specialise in securing Premium and Exact Match Domains for small companies and large corporations. We buy and sell domain names seven days a week. We are constantly keeping an eye on domain name prices, evaluating for the current market and selling across all industries. We provide domain name hunting and domain name evaluation services for businesses looking to utilise our extensive experience in the Australian and American domain name industries. Need proof we know what we’re doing? One name we currently own ourselves is accommodationsydney.com which is valued by the professional robot services at $37,000 USD. We wouldn’t sell it for double that price. And this is exactly why we always say: people will buy domain names for what they’re worth for their particular business. Not what a robot or algorithm suggests. We’re really good at figuring out realistic human prices for domain names.

Become the recognised authoritative brand in your industry.

Achieve instant credibility and dramatically increased customer interest, seemingly overnight.

We live and breath domain names. Let us help you take your business to the next level.

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We honestly love talking about domain names.

domain name evaluation purchase sell buy australianHow are premium domain names priced?

Premium domain names cost more than general domain names for the following reasons:

  • They are in short supply. Nearly every standard dictionary-word .com and .com.au has been taken.
  • You can bypass search engines altogether, which means your customers won’t see your competitors in the search results when they try to find you. Your customers will easily remember your highly memorable domain name that squarely matches your business so they can simply type your address into the URL bar directly.
  • A well SEO’d website, featuring your exact match domain name, will see your business on the first page of a Google search so new customers can find you.
  • There’s no need to advertise online. If your website features on the first page of a Google search, without you having to pay for ads (called an organic rank), the amount of money you save on advertising costs is staggering. All else being equal, keyword domain names will always outperform brandable domain names when ranking organically for the keywords captured by those names (exact match as well as long-tail keywords).
  • It is harder for a competitor to erode your brand by using your trademark in their own online marketing campaigns, because your domain name shows you are the authority in your industry.

We make it easy for your customers to reach you by securing the ultimate premium domain name for your business.

What is an Exact Match Domain?

An Exact Match Domain is a sequence of words in a domain name without spaces that are an exact match to the search term someone is trying to find on Google. For example; australianauthor.com and onehourdelivery.com.au(.) There is no mistaking what these pages are about. The instant you purchase an Exact Match Domain (EMD) you will see real tangible benefits. It will also be one less EMD your competitors can grab a hold of. Your website traffic will dramatically increase because not only is your website name easier to remember, Google will see your business as an authority in your industry and give you a very high search ranking (assuming your website has SEO).

Why do I need an EMD?

There is no better investment than an exact match domain. An EMD will open doors the moment you buy it. No amount of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can beat the ranking of a well-chosen EMD (with SEO), all things being equal. The customer-base for your business will exponentially grow practically overnight.

That old saying, you’ve got to spend money to make money, has never been so true. Best of all, a carefully chosen EMD will not only hold on to it’s initial purchase value, but keep going up over time. EMD’s are valuable real estate on the internet. An EMD can instantly give your product or business authoritative brand recognition. That’s instant credibility, whether you’ve been around for ten years, ten months or ten days.

Confidential Domain Buying Service

Allow our acquisition experts secure the perfect domain name for your business.

Simply submit the domain name you are interested in purchasing (or your type of business) and one of our trained acquisition experts will be in contact to provide an appraisal of the domain, discuss the sales process and figure out how to work within your budget.

From inquiry to acquisition, we can help you choose the perfect EMD for your business or product. If it’s already taken, and most of the good ones are, we can begin negotiations to get it for you. It’s what we do.

How can Domain Broker Australia secure my perfect domain name?


First, we ask you to brainstorm with your colleagues to establish what your ultimate premium domain name will be? Next, visit Domain Names Australia to check if your name is available. If it is, grab it while you can! Otherwise, simply fill out our contact form below and we will make contact with you.


We will track down the seller of the domain name you require (if it is taken) and begin negotiations to get you the best price. You can find out if your name is taken right now by visiting Domain Names Australia. Don’t worry if your name is taken because maybe we can help you secure a stronger domain name that you haven’t thought of yet? Our job is to facilitate the transfer of ownership of your ultimate domain name.

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If the domain holder is prepared to sell, we facilitate a trusted Domain Name transfer service of the money and the domain name between the buyer and the seller. We are the trusted middle-men ensuring both parties get what they want. Find out if your exact match domain name is available right now at Domain Names Australia.

We will help you beat your competitors on the internet.

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